Postdoctoral Research

Postdoctoral research is conducted at the Department in areas covered by history and ethnology.
Among the aims of postdoctoral research at the Department are:
● the production of high-quality original research,
● the dissemination of expertise and contribution to the advance of science and society,
● expansion of the range of research carried out at the Department, so raising the university’s visibility and international profile and
● the enrichment and widening of the researcher’s own expertise beyond what s/he has acquired at doctoral level.
Eligibility : Applicants must hold a PhD, in an academic field relevant to the areas covered by the Department and gained at a Greek university or from an officially recognized equivalent foreign institution.
Prerequisites :
The candidates should be able to demonstrate a high level of academic expertise and a solid and promising research profile.
Application procedure : Applications can be submitted to the department throughout the academic year. The application dossier should include the following:
● an application form
● a detailed CV
● copies of undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD degree certificates and transcripts
● documentary evidence of foreign-language competence
● at least two academic publications or papers
● at least two reference letters 
● a detailed research proposal. The research proposal should set out in detail the originality, the methodology, the structure, the objectives, and the potential outcomes of the project. It should also meet the criteria and help attain the aims set out above 
● a letter from a member of staff agreeing to supervise the research.
Fees and Other Financial Matters : The Department reserves the right to charge postdoctoral researchers for the use of its research facilities. Postdoctoral researchers may apply to the Department or to the university for funding for particular research activities, such as the partial defraying of expenses involved in presenting papers at internationally-recognized conferences.
Duration : The department reserves the right to specify the duration of the period of research, from one to four years, depending on the type of research and the potential funding framework (research project, scholarship / fellowship, etc.).
The researcher is to submit annual progress reports, written in collaboration with the supervisory member of staff, to the department.
Postdoctoral researchers may be assigned ancillary duties by the Department, such as conducting tutorials, supervising the study centres (’laboratories’) of the Department, practical training or invigilating exams.
For the successful completion of any postdoctoral research, the following are required:
● public presentation by the postdoctoral researcher of research results,
● the submission of a final report by the postdoctoral researcher (also signed also by the supervising member of staff) and
● the submission of the resulting publications, either in the form of offprints of the published text, or in the form of copies of the full text along with letter/s confirming approval for publication.
Postdoctoral researchers may use the library and have borrowing rights, the study centres (‘laboratories’) of the Department, university electronic services, and in general the research facilities and equipment of the Department in the pursuit of their research project. They may also mention their affiliation with the Department in all their academic activities and are obliged to do so for the purposes of any publication or paper arising from their postdoctoral research at the Department. Upon completion of their project, researchers are entitled to a certificate of post-doctoral research, although this does not constitute an academic degree.
For further information, please contact the Department Postgraduate Secretariat (
For the full text of the corresponding regulations (in Greek), please consult the attached file.

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